Quality and Environment Policy

Basic Principle

HOKUTO shall achieve the target of "quality, cost, delivery time" required by customers by construction and operation of optimal management system continuously. As a result, the basic principle is to satisfy the requirements of "Improvement of customer satisfaction" and "Global environmental conservation".

Quality and Environment Policy

HOKUTO promotes corporate activities to pay attention to improving customer satisfaction and conserving the global environment.

  1. We will promote the following items particularly in the influence of our company's activities on society.
    • We aim to improve customer satisfaction by providing consistent product quality and service according to the prescribed delivery date.
    • We aim to protect resources and control global warming through saving energy.
    • We aim to reduce environmental burden by improving product quality and reducing industrial waste.
    • Promotion of small social activities “Participation in cleanup activities in surrounding areas, greening campaign”
  2. Through our education, we ask all people of all of our employees and all related contractors to understand the Quality and Environment Policy, improve the awareness of corporate activities through improvement activities and awareness of quality and environment, and contribute to the local community.
  3. We pledge to abide by laws and regulations related to all sales and manufacturing operations and the agreed requirements and respond to changes in the surrounding environment to continuously improve the management system and follow it.
  4. The Company's Quality and Environment Policy is made available to the general public and made public if requested.

11th October 2018