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Management’s Message

Now, Hokuto is entering a new stage.

Since its founding, we are committed to the development of various industries including the automobile industry, with the sales of harness parts as the pillar of our business.
Although the company was established as a trading company, we have also strengthened the manufacturing wiring harness in order to respond to various customer requests.
We will continue to respond flexibly to the needs of our customers based on a wide range of services from sales to manufacturing and strong relationships of trust with major manufacturers as suppliers.

In recent years, business activities of automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers overseas have become active, and we are also focusing on developing overseas business.
Now, Hokuto is entering a new stage.

Each employee's success makes the company grow.

We are looking forward to a friend who will enrich the new stage together. What we need is those who can look outside and those who can challenge boldly on new things.
I hope that you have a global perspective and challenge greedily.

I have a feeling that "I want to nurture my company while helping employees help." In fact, I think that it is thanks to the success of each employee that we have the current Hokuto. I would like you to do a lot of great work for new colleagues.
Please think by yourself and take action. Please propose to me actively.
Since the door of the president's office is always open, please do not hesitate to call out.

Kanji Matsuda President


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